My turn to stalk the mailman

Well, stalk her more because if she doesn’t bring me my E-bay pants soon :devil:

I finally ordered my mercerized cotton for Cleo from knitty!

KellyK I remember you ordering from there… did you like their service? How long did it take to get your stash.

Good quality, but it DID take 2 weeks to be delivered…she said ground service from Canada is really slow.

crap. My In laws are coming to town next week and I was really hoping to have busy work to distract :rofling:

Sorry, Nik!! :frowning:

most things from canada are slow tee-hee j/k Beldie. I order from all the time, and they’re SUPER quick; they’re based in British Columbia, isn’t that farther?? :??

pats Hilde on the head

Sure dear, whatever you want to think is the real world…Slow can be good sometimes…


So Nik, got your beach chair and refreshments??? Found out my book won’t be delivered until the 4th!! Good thing the weather’s been great here!


I live in Ontario and the mail is unpredictable here. I have had stuff take three weeks to get delivered but last week we send a parcel from Ontario to British Columbia and we mailed it out late on Tuesday and she had it by Thursday.

TWO WEEKS It won’t be here for TWO WEEKS bangheadbanghead*

The time rate in Canda sucks! What is that all a’boot?

That’s cuz the postal workers go through all the packages looking for cheese curds.

The “time rate” to cross the border in either direction isn’t the greatest, okay people?

I’m not even going to go there with the rest of the comments…

Ah sorry. I am just used to joking around with my really good friends about being “foreigners”. I tend to forget you all don’t know me from a hole in the ground and open my “mouth”

You guys ever try to talk to beldie on IM? 2 WEEKS ain’t sh*t!!!

D’oh, I didn’t mean that to sound so rude or, well, defensive. I was typing this with a sparkle of amusement in my eye :smiley:

Foldedbird is saying that 2 weeks spent with me would seem too short, so she has to get her Beldie fixes through IM :heart: Isn’t she the sweetest?

Oh good! I thought I had offended you with the a’boot comment :verysad: