My turn to enable

Get thee to Kemp’s store and check out the Noni bags. Octopus time again.

:roflhard: Cool aren’t they!!! The patterns are really nice too…glossy and printed on heavy card stock.

They are gorgeous looking! You have the handles patterns too right?

:smiley: I saw them in a yarn store the other day, aren’t they wonderful?! I didn’t get one, though, if I get one…I’ll get if from DivaKnitting :thumbsup: They are just stunning :wink:

The handles are plastic and I got the info on where to get them from Noni. I plan on placing an order with them in the next day or two. Not sure what colors yet though…I like the ones that are pictured in the patterns, but I would also like to have some others in case people change the suggested color palette.

ahh the bag I was really interested in had what looked like a knitted and beaded handle (night garden) I might have to ask you what flowers pattern I should get to make that too =P waiting on pay day

Oh yes, that particular one does have a knitted handle. The beads called for are just regular seed beads that are then sewn on after you are all finished felting. They are optional which is nice, so you can felt it first and then decide if the bead effort is worth the look.

Sounds good - hurry up pay day I want to go shopping! grin

Ok… LOVING the bobble bag, it’s in the cart…
So, if the flower patterns are seperate, which are the flowers for the Night Garden? The Camelias? And how’s about the flowers for Majolica?

I just checked the pattern and for that one the flower/leaves are included…unlike the bigger bags.

:cheering: score!