My sweet granddoggy and his sweater

This is Marty, my daughter, son-in-law’s and grandson’s yorkie. I made this sweater for him for Christmas just this last year. He was planning on coming to stay with us for three weeks starting tomorrow because his family is going on a dream vacation to Amsterdam then on to Tanzania and hike Mt Kilamanjaro. Today we got the news that Marty is going to have to be put to sleep tomorrow. He has been sick for a few days and he is in total renal failure now. He is at the vets and they are filling him with fluids so he is comfortable and they will take him home for one last night together. He is an old dog, nearly 17, but we all sure do love the little guy and it will be tough for them to do this then fly off for vacation on Friday night. Frankly, I am heartbroken, even though I know dogs can’t live forever. :cry: :cry:

Oh NO! How very sad, Nonny.

Grieving for pets is always awkward I find. They’re not people, but you miss them sometimes almost as much as a person. I’m so sorry to hear that this little guy will be gone tomorrow–and what unfortunate timing: Just when the family should be looking forward to an exciting trip.

We had a Border Collie that we got as a puppy when I was a freshmen in high school. She lived to be 20, and boy, was it tough losing her! I definitely feel for you and your family.

I’m so sorry. That is never an easy thing to do. :frowning: We’ve all been there. :hug:

It’s so hard to lose a faithful companion dog or cat. Been there, done that.
You think you’ll never ever [I]ever [/I]recover.

My husband took me to bring Katie home within two days of losing Emily, my 15 yr old Llasa Apso in 2005. I was so grief stricken. I felt so nutty. Ridiculous. I was in bed for whole day, not like me. I could not function.

It is amazing how much comfort a puppy brings into your life. You can hardly be sad when this little bundle is licking your face!

Now several years later, I’ve come to see that Katie is much like Emily, and Bear (a Shih Tzu who died 2 yrs before Emily).

Here’s why: given that Katie is the same breed, with certain tendencies built in, and I am exactly the same…the new dog turns out the same! You imprint your personality on a dog, and if it’s the same breed in particular, your personality imprinting gets similar results.

Anyway, Katie is like Emily & Bear rolled into one fur coat!

I am sorry for your familiarity’s loss! Tell them to get another Yorkie asap. It is God’s Gift to us!

Katie, laying in the french drain with the old Saint Bernard! Keepin’ cool in summer! She was only 8 months old, already adopted by the Saint, Uncle Harley! (he had his summer shave!)

Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s very difficult to deal with the death of a pet. They are such wonderful companions, so trusting and so good at understanding what we say. I always wished I was better at understanding what our dog was saying.
Marty looks so elegant in your knit sweater. He was obviously a much loved member of the family. It’s only right to miss him and grieve for him.

Oh, I’m so sorry for you and the kids, hun. Pets are like one of your children. Hope you’re doing okay.