My supplies are everywhere & getting lost

Knitcindy, that sounds perfect. Lucky you.
I use a drawer in a small chest of drawers. Cable needles fit through a plexiglass block with holes drilled into it. It fits up to 4 needles of each size from one to ten. The other needles are on their own and the best of luck to them. At least it keeps the cables from rounding up into tight curls.

Thanks salmonmac!!! Here’s a link to a picture I found of EXACTLY what my cabinet looks like!!!

Mine looks a lot older, but other than that everything’s the same!!! The 2 side “wells” go all the way from top to the bottom!


That’s splendid, but unfortunately not very portable, eh? I move my stuff around (office to living room and back again, to the doctor’s office or dentist office, etc.) so much that I have to have portability.

Oh, perfect! Thanks for the link. I wonder where the “little bit of yarn to get you started” came from?

Hopefully, NOT from Mrs. Washington herself!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:


You could knit a holder for each set of knitting needles, and then to catagorize them, you can color code then (pink- 4mm, green-5mm, etc.) Then you could knit a bag to hold them all in. I think it could work. I’m going to try this with my knitting needles and crochet hooks.

You might be able to find some clear plastic shoe boxes to store your needles/supplies in. A friend of mine has a long thinner type of box and that’s what she uses for her needles.

hth, knitcindy

i thought that same way until i sat down and totaled up how much id spend on getting all the needles that i could make with the interchangables…it was definately a lot more than i had antipacted…so by buying hte interchangable set you are really saving money over the long term.

I have the Knit picks nickle plated…and i LOVE them! im currently saving for the harmonys!

I found this neat idea online. Can’t wait to make one, it’s going to solve my circ’s issue! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out [I]something[/I] for them (they’ve been crammed into a narrow 3-bin plastic cabinet drawer) This is SO simple, and it’ll be a fun wall hanging for my “everything room” :thumbsup:

Here’s the link

I found this at the yarn store today for 17 bucks, a bit pricey but I picked it up.

Great suggestions, all!

I no longer have it to show you, but I once made myself a needlecase by folding up a piece of felt fabric to make a pocket, and sewing lines in the pocket right through the background fabric, to hold various needles. Then I bent the top down to cover needles, and sewed snaps to hold the top in place. I hope to make another soon. Can you picture it?

I was having the same problem with my needles. The gal at my local yarn shop said she used one of the decorative 4/6 photo storage boxes for her circular needles. She keeps them in their plastic bags and then lays them sideways in the box in size order.

I went to Michaels when they had a 50% off all storage sale and got a plastic box, really made for scrapbooking, that had 16 4/6 small photo cases in it and the circulars fit perfectly in the small boxes. I did have to either fold or cut some of the cardboard backing that comes with the needles making sure I kept the part that had the size and length of the needles. For the smaller size needles I was able to fit 2-3 needles of the same size in each case. The bigger gauge needles I could only get one in a case.
For my straight needles I got some plastic cases that has dividers in them that you can make different sizes. I have one for my double pts. and one for regular straights.
Hope this helps.

Oh, I like! Good find!

Thanks for the links! I bought one of the interchangeable needle cases for me (early birthday present! And I’m worth it :stuck_out_tongue: ). While I was on etsy I bought a yarn bowl for my sister for Christmas as she refuses to learn how to wind a center-pull ball. Thanks again.