My summer project

I’m not known for doing things in a small way, when I do something I do it “up big”. Like the year I volunteered to make all the costumes for the church Christmas play… so what if there were 120 “Bible time” costumes to make, I too two weeks vacation and sat at my sewing maching til the last gown was done.

Well, my latest idea is nice warm NEON YELLOW caps for my Volunteer Ambulance squad (I am an EMT). You may remember some time ago I posted looking for neon yellow yarn (not easy to find). Well I settled on the Falk Neon yellow, pricey but nice, and below is my first finished cap.

Oh yea did I mention we have 18 people on the squad:waah:

I have not yet purchased all the yarn but did send a letter to Spin Blessing in the hope they could give me a bit of a bulk discount… I need aobut three skeins per cap:whistle::whistle:

Everything else has gone on the back burner for the moment… I may have to take a break from neon yellow hats from time to time and work on something else.

Doesn’t Caron simply soft make a series of neon colors?:??

Caron Simply Soft Brites in Lemonade is here:
But it may be too much yellow, not enough neon…

Yes, but the are acrylic. These need to be warm so wool is the way to go. This is the site I gave her for the yarn. It also glows in the dark…a bonus for an EMT type person.

The hat looks awesome and you’re a sweetheart for doing this for them! I can’t believe it’s taking that much yarn though!

I’m using a double strand, the single strand was just too light. I started one with a single strand it just didn’t work. These hats are ment to BE WARM. I’m in upstate NY where you can wind up out in sub zero temps with auto accident at any time of the day or night (usually night).

Kudos for what you’re doing! :cheering:

Yay! The hat looks awesome. I know they’ll love it. Good for you!

Ginny, I told my DH (a retired firefighter) what you are doing and he thought it was awesome! He suggested you show/tell the local FDs in the area the hats and he said you might be able to make some money from all this! I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would pay for a warm, safety hat!

HAHAHAHAHA, you mean AFTER I get the 18 done for my own squad??? My hope is to make Christmas gifts of them. Actually I’m just finishing my second hat, it’s getting faster. I discovered that metal needles go alot quicker than the plastic Denise. I’ve got it down to about 3 evenings of knitting (and mornings on the way to work), I am doing two 12 hour shifts at the firehouse a week this summer plus one long weekend a month so if everyone will stay healthy I should get LOTS of knitting done.

Looks great, and what a lovely thing to do! :cheering:

That is such a thoughtful and awesome idea! The hat looks great. And yarn that glows? How cool is that!

Great looking hats! love the yarn :cheering:

:heart:lovely hat and lovely gesture! abonus with a wool hat is its low flammability! ( naturally flame retardant and it will burn if exposed to flame but burns slowly,when the flame is removed, the fabric usually quits burning ) :cheering:

i think you’re right. i looked at the lemonade yesterday and there was definitely more yellow than neon in it.

Actually the color isn’t too far off. But the yarn is 100% acrylic, acrylic melts when near heat and that wouldn’t be a good thing. Even though as EMT’s we are Fire Fighters there is always the risk of fire at an accidnet scene. Wool is definately a must.

awsome! keep it up :cheering:

Melting EMT hats = not a very good thing… yikes!

What a thoughtful thing to do! I’m sure everyone will be very appreciative.

You are AMAZING!! What a blessing you are to those around you! :woot:

Well, yeah… :shifty: You will probably be sick to death of hats when you’re done, but it’s a thought to keep in the back of your mind someday. :wink: