My student's first slipper!

This slipper was knitted by one of my 8 year old students in my knitting club. I am so proud of her! We made a pom pom for the toe afterwards!

[size=6]8![/size] You must be a very patient teacher! Great job–tell her so!


I was sittin & knittin at the LYS a few weeks ago & an 8yo & her mom came in for their first lesson…she picked up on it SO fast! They are like SPONGES!

Its SO fun to be such a positive influence!

Wow! That’s great.

Yay for your student!! She must be so proud!

Thats wonderful!! She did a wonderful job!! :thumbsup:

THAT is a fantastic job…tells me that YOU are a great teacher :wink:

Great!! That’s wonderful!