My student is a natural

Hey everyone!!!
My student has finished her first project, a lovely purple hat! i am so proud i almost broke into tears! She started right away with knitting in the round on circulars and never had any problem. She got almost to the end of her hat and decided she didn’t like the size and so she FROGGED it! Then she wipped up the perfect hat in like two days!! I can’t believe it, she’s as good as i am:cheering: Next she wants to make a bagcloud9 I am so proud. Look for her on the “Pattern central” forum under the name of Leftylooper. I’ve told her to put up a post asking for felted upright standing bags and you guys would help her out with some links. Thanks for all the help you guys, i would never had known what to do with a left handed knitter if it wasn’t for all you info!:woot::aww::grphug::heart::hug::muah::inlove: I"M SO PROUD OF MY STUDENT!

:cheering: :woot: :woohoo: :yay:

I’ll post some links later this evening! Mary


This is one of my favorite sites:

When I started making bags, I measured the ones I own and decided from that what size I’d like to have. Of course, learning to guage is something we all learn in our own way and she’ll get that. Most importantly, DO THOSE SWATCHES and felt them. It is well worth the effort.

Another thing I found when knitting in the round was the first stitch where you join another color is tricky. If not lined up, this will be an obvious thing once it is felted. I eventually learned to weave in the ends of the two colors by knitting them into the first row on the point of change. It’s kinda like intarsia and done the same way. I double the new color, knitting the excess until it’s too small to knit and loop over the previous color before each new stitch.

Okay, I’m rambling… I have other sites but this one will be a good one for her to “shop”. I’m still making mistakes and learning but will help anyway I can. Mary

She must have a good teacher. :knitting:

way to go (to both of you!!!)