My Stocking felted together!

I just finished felting a Christmas stocking for my mother, and it looked great at first. But when I went to block it out, it had felted together and won’t open at all! :cry: How can I either fix it, or make sure it doesn’t happen when I try again?

Can you not get your hand into the opening at all? Usually when I felt things they get a little felted together but after a little working it (right when i get it out of the washer) I can get it back to normal.

If you get your hand in at all have you tried to use a pair of sizzors and snip the entangled fibers that are blocking the way?

Oh no. :frowning: I’m not sure how to resolved it other than attempting to open it carefully. When felting do it in small increments like 10 minutes and then take it out to check and pull apart. Do that till it’s done then remove and air dry.

I’ve never felted anything before, but couldn’t you put an old sock or cloth inside the sock while felting?