My Stashbusting Journey

I started keeping track of the grams of yarn I was using at the begining of summer and I have been limiting myself to buying yarn only for a project I have planned like the hats and scarves for my nephews next christmas(yes I know it’s too soon but I have to buy something)anyway I did a tally today and I have a net loss of 500grams of yarn.I am thrilled to bits…just hope I can keep it up…my ultimate goal is no stash at all(is that doable???)

Hi! :waving:

I’m sure “no stash at all” is doable, but my big question is - [I]“Is it desirable”?
[/I] :??

Lately I’ve been on a kick to use up a lot of what I have and eliminate the yarns I know I’ll probably not use. It sounds like you’re making great progress in paring down your stash, and that’s very well done.

I have a lot of Caron Simply Soft yarn left in different colors, from doing afghans for the family, but there’s not enough there to do that much with. I saw, in the Lion Brand circular, a rug made of huge pom-poms and that’s how I plan to eliminate this overage, pom-pom rugs for the grandkids! They can even help make the poms!!!

But I’m already looking ahead to when I’ll have all that wonderful free space available in my yarn cupboard and what I can put there!

I really don’t know if knitters are even ABLE to eliminate their stashes completely. It gave me the shivvers just thinking about it! :slight_smile: There’s just something so compelling about all that lovely yarn…

Please keep us info’d on your progress! I’ll love seeing what other knitters think about this!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :knitting:

It’s hard to say how doable it is for you since I don’t know how much you have to begin with, but at least you’re making progress.

I don’t have much of a stash, and I like it that way. Most of the stash I do have was for an afghan that never got started because I forgot what pattern I had planned to use. I’ve been using it up slowly on other projects.

I’d like to keep hearing about how your progress is going too. Have fun. :knitting:

I’m trying to not buy anymore yarn until I’m caught up with projects. Yeah right…:teehee:

Good luck with your goal!

I have a HUGE stash of yarn, and am always adding to it. I’d say I have a good 50 skeins if not more. Some of it I inheritted from my grandmother. I like having all that yarn, honestly, b/c I’m always coming up with one idea or another that I can use all that yarn for. :slight_smile:

Yeah, my stash keeps growing. I do have plans for most of it. Some that I bought before I really knew what I was doing will probably sit there for a while.

I don’t think I could get my stash busted. I like buying yarn too much. And I haven’t even been to my LYS yet. I’m afraid to go…I know I’ll go completely crazy and want to buy everything I see and feel.

Good luck on the stashbusting journey.

No stash at all? I’d be afraid! :oo:

Although I haven’t bought yarn in over a year now. I’ve been using up what I have, all the novelty yarns are turned into scarves, odds and ends of other yarns might turn into fair isle projects. The mass majority of my stash is acrylic, RHSS and CSS to be exact. I have few weird yarns there too.

I just can’t imagine using all my yarn up. I think I’d be lost!

Good luck on your de-stashing. :thumbsup: