My Stash Organization Solution! (Images)

I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve only been knitting since June, so I don’t have a huge stash or a ton of supplies yet (although I think it’s quite a bit for 6 months!), but it had definitely outgrown the one bin I had bought to contain it. So I made a trip to the Container Store the other day, and here are the results!

This is my new "Knitting Center!"

I’ve got all my straights, DPNs, and crochet hooks in the jars on top, as well as a S&B page-a-day calendar (some great patterns in there so far!)

I have (most of) my yarn in labeled Ziplocs by brand/kind in the top 2 cabinets:

I’ve got all my knitting books in one bottom cabinet:

And all my circs, notions, travel kits, and small or loose patterns in bins in the other bottom cabinet:

And the whole thing’s on wheels! Granted, it’s almost too heavy to move, but at least I can move it in principle! =)

I have the rest of my yarn in this green bin and that’s the knitted knitting bag I made on top of it. I also went to Home Depot and got 2 eyebolts that were the right size for the holes in the side of the crates so I can clip my little yarn pouches to them when I’ve got a WIP.

Anyway, I’m all proud of myself and DH really doesn’t care as long as it’s not scattered all over the bedroom, so I just wanted to share with y’all! :slight_smile:

Nice job organizing. It looks all nice and modern and clean. I think you did a fantastic job! Congrats!!!

Wow! Just wow! I totally want to organize all my stuff now.

I will need to come up with something like that. All of my stuff is in those big plastic bins. And I have allot of craft stuff. Great job!:yay:

Right…you have shamed me into organizing my stash!
All my yarn is in 2 big plastic containers with lids on and my patterns
and books are just on a shelf…I love how you have labeled those little containers for all your bits and bobs…A job well done x

That looks really nice! The challenge will be keeping it so nicely organized as your stash grows!!

That looks great. Now the challenge is to keep the stash under control.

[B][FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]Wow, do I have organizational-envy !!


That Container Store sounds like heaven. How tall are those cabinets, btw??[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

Awesome! I love the way you did this! Very inspiring.


So do you want to come and organize all my stash and other knitting necessities? I need some serious help, my books are in the closet down here, the yarn is in a bin back in the office, my new yarn will not fit there so it is hidden upstairs (hubby does not know about it yet) and my immediate knitting is down here next to the couch…I said I need help!

That looks like some fabulous storage!! And I love your knitting bag - so bright and cheery!!

:woohoo: It looks great!!

I didn’t know that the Container stores existed till I seen Oprah… I was so excited when I found out that dh works near one:woot:

I cannot let my hubby see this post!:rofl: If he does, I’m in serious trouble, because my stash and supplies are all over the house! He would be after me even more than he is now ! I keep thinking to myself I’m going to do what you did, but I never get around to it!
I tried to find one of those little icons for “procrastination” but I can’t, lol:roflhard:


Thanks! To be fair, however, I do have some more yarn stashed under the bed in baggies that DH doesn’t know about! But not much… once I finish like 2 projects it’ll all be gone! :slight_smile:

The Container Store is one of my favorite places on earth! :inlove: They have a great website, too. The cabinets are 14" square, and they sell all the bits separately so you can get them w/ or w/o doors, shelves, x-dividers, etc. We have a bunch in our office bolted to the wall as textbook storage, too. I think they’re just called “galvanized cubes.” I know, creative name, huh? :slight_smile:

:roflhard: I would love to! :slight_smile: I’m a bit OCD (seriously, I have rules in my head for what order I have to brush my teeth in, my books are alphabetized and arranged by subject, stuff like that), so I really love doing organizational-type stuff. Not that you’d know it from the rest of my house! Apparently a house with ZERO storage and two pack-rats living in it does not make for an organized home. Who knew?

Tee hee… that’s WHY i had to do this in the first place! :slight_smile: I had tote bags full of yarn and needles all over the bedroom, row counters in the living room, scissors in the bathroom… he finally laid down the law, so I grabbed his credit card! :woot:

Anyway, thanks for the kind words, everyone! I am pleased that I have at least inspired some of you to tackle your own stash! thanks again and good luck with your yarn! I swear it breeds! :lol:

Want to come do my yarn? HEHE Wow! I’m really impressed with how neat it looks! (and really jealous:drool: ) Very Good job

Fabulous! :thumbsup:

Oh yeah, you are hooked (needled?) so bad! I’m waiting for the basket to show up next to those nifty shelves.

Before I scrolled over, I thought you were going to say that you had your teeth alphabetized. Do I ever need a new computer! :teehee:

Great Job :cheering:

Nice job!

:yay: Very nice. I’m feeling inspired to reorganize.

When my dear fiance and I moved, I had everything all nicely organized, but I think my yarn has been breeding when I turn my back. I have to see if I have a container store around here… otherwise I may need to claim a bedroom as a [B]craft [/B]room. :wink: