My son wants to be a puppy

for Hallowe’en!

He wants to be a green and orange puppy. :roflhard:

I found a bunch of ugly green and orange furry yarns on clearance at Michaels, so I have supplies, I just have no idea how to go about creating a dog costume for a five year old boy. :shrug:

I thought maybe I’d make a simple knit hat and add some furry ears to it. Maybe use some felt to make the ears stick up a bit. But, what should I do for the body? I have a green t-shirt which matches the green yarn pretty well.

Any brainstorming ideas would be appreciated!

(Last year, he wanted to be a tree, and I spend hours gluing leaves onto a cape. He looked like a shrubbery, but he thought it was the coolest thing ever! Pressure’s on this year!)

Hm. Maybe adapt a mitten pattern for paws? and, er, something for a tail, that you can tie to a belt or something?

how adorable!

i was thinking big floppy ears. definatly a tail (on a belt is easy) and paw mittens. maybe a collar. - you could modify this hat.

how old is he?

mittens would be great, you could knit the peekaboo mittens from, he’d be able to get his fingers out pretty easy, and the pattern is easy peasy too! floppy eared hat, add a tail, and he would be so cute! you could make a leg warmer/ shoe cover to make his feet look like paws too!

So you think just a hat, mittens, tail and maybe feet is all I’d need to knit with the furry yarn? And just leave his green t-shirt plain, maybe with some orange felt spots on it?

yup - i think that would do it!

you could do the spot on the shirt in yarn too.