My son made this

A while back I posted on the general forum that my son was knitting a bear. It is done. All the knitting is his, I did assist with color changes at first, I sometimes ripped several rows back and then knit one or two to get him going again. I cast it on and bound it off. He did half the seaming–via whip stitch, but then school began again so I finally did the rest. I did the face and bow tie too. But still he did the bulk of the knitting. I just sort of shored it up. This is the first thing he’s ever knitted to completion except for an i-cord. He just turned 14, so was at the end of his 13th year when he knitted this. It has a few wonky spots but none the less I am very proud of his effort. We will be sending this off to the Mother Bear Project.

[B][COLOR=royalblue][COLOR=royalblue][SIZE=3]That’s absolutely[/SIZE] [/COLOR][SIZE=6][COLOR=royalblue]FANTASTIC!!![/COLOR]:yay:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

that’s so impressive for his first project! great job!

That’s Great! I love the color changes. :notworthy:

Do you mean in the shirt? The color is just variegated yarn.

Wow, that’s very impressive. I love the colors. A very cute teddy, and a great first project!

Wow, that is really cute! He did a terrific job!:cheering:

That’s AWESOME!!! I hope this is the first of MANY more projects for him!!

Yes, I meant the way the colors change from bear to clothes. I want one:teehee:

Wow! Tell him he did a fantastic job! I hope he keeps knitting!

How wonderful…great work…I’m SO proud of him!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Very cute. He did a great job.

That’s a great bear. He did super with his knitting project. He must be so proud of himself. :yay:

He did such a great job!!!

:happydance: He did a wonderful job, the bear looks GREAT!

He did a GREAT job :yay:


That’s wonderful! I hope your son keeps knitting.

I agree with the others. This great knowing that he was so young. He’s about my age and I can’t manage to knit well [enough]. It was a great job, even if you helped him or not. Can’t wait to see other projects!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]He’s beautiful!:happydance:
What lovely colours and he has such character!
A true success story all around…:yay:
Thanks for sharing the pics and the wonderful story behind this bear.