My son is knitting

So my son age almost 14 is very enthusiastically knitting. It all started with me setting up my daughter doing an i-cord. These are great little instant gratification things for kids and easy. So a couple weeks ago she was knitting away while I was reading to them and my son said, “Hey can I make one of those?” so I got him set up and off he went. It is a very wonky I- cord lots of mistakes in the lower half but much improved in the second half. It is now a cat toy.

So he wanted to make something else but not a scarf, not a dish cloth or a square. He decided on a toy. After due consideration he is knitting a Mother Bear Project Bear. All in garter stitch. He is using left over sugar and cream cotton. Ivory body, Purple pants, and a purple variegated shirt.He has finished the front half of the legs and pants and has started the shirt. Once in awhile I have to frog a few rows and re knit them. I cast on for him and help him with color changes. But he’s really enthusiastic and dedicated just now. In fact I’ve had to [I]make[/I] him take breaks. I will have to either do or assist with the seaming…Might let him whip stitch it and not worry about mattress stitch since it is his. And I will probably have to embroider the face.

I think this all very good because my son has a lot of trouble with fine motor coordination. He has a bit of a tremor when he does fine work and his hand writing is terrible. I can’t help but think this is good therapy for him. Anyway I’m real proud of him. When he’s done I post a pic of the bear. I will probably make a bear too so two can be sent off the the Mother Bear Project at once.

Very cool!

Very cool. What a sense of accomplishment it must give him, and yes, it may well help refine his motor skills.

That’s awesome!! Can’t wait to see his finished project!

Hi, Amy! :waving:

Wonderful news! You’re really giving your kids a wonderful gift, teaching them the art of knitting!

Bless you and have a wonderful holiday season with your wonderful family!

Ruthie :clink:

That’s wonderful! It will definitely help improve motor skills. My sister works in education and has had me help teach some of her students to knit or crochet. Usually it is special education children with physical disabilities or hyperactivity. I have seen amazing changes in their motor skills and ability to sit calmly… not to mention the amazing sense of accomplishment everyone feels when a project is done!

:yay: That’s wonderful!


What will he make next?

Good luck! :knitting:

What a wonderful for your, son and the recepient of the bear.:yay: :yay: :woohoo:
Merry Christmas

I had bad hand-eye coordination for the longest time, and also have always had trouble just sitting still. I think crocheting helped me with my hand-eye cordination. Since I started, at age 12, I have noticed a major difference in it. Both knitting and crocheting is a good activity for me b/c I can move, but do something useful with it, if that makes any sense at all.
Congrats on getting your son to knit! That is totally awesome. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome- you should show him the Real Men Knit video.

I think that is awesome.