My Son Attempting To Knit

My son, 4, occasionally asks me to teach him how to knit. Though he doesn’t stick with it for very long (like 3 minutes…lol) at least he’s trying, and, he completely pays attention to what I tell him. Here he is trying it on his own :teehee:

Aww, you’re son is adorable. That’s pretty patient for a four year old.

:inlove: He is adorable!

He so looks like you (from your profile pic)!

Awwww So Cute:hug:
He looks like he is really concentrating hard . I just love the last pic with him showing us his finished row:yay:

:heart: Awww! Good for him.

He’s doing great for being so little and just learning. Those little fingers make it so hard. My 4-year-old dd is the same way…tries it for a few minutes, gets a few sts or a row or two, then gives up LOL

How cute!


My son is 6 and he loves to finger knit. Have you tried that with him? That’s super easy and little kids can actually make long skinny things like bookmarks, belts and scarves.

I love it! Better watch your stash when he gets a little older.

I love how he has the yarn wrapped around his finger. He is precious!

My son is 5, he has tried it a little too. He thinks it’s magic or something that you can twiddle sticks around and make long strings of yarn turn into something.

That is incredibly sweet! Love the look of concentration!!!

Hey, now that’s an idea! He’d probably have a bit more patience with that!

Thank you! I keep hearing he and my daughter look just like my husband and I’m like man, why am I getting ripped off?! :teehee:

Of course I haven’t seen your husband, but he definitely looks like you!

I would post a pic of hubby, but, I don’t want anyone changing their minds :teehee:

He’s adorable, Demonica! Great pictures!


He’s so cute!

Very cute, love the look on his face.

He is so VERY cute!!