My socks don't match

I am knitting the Annetrelac Sock pattern purchased and down loaded from the Knitting Daily Website) using Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Wool on DP’s. I’m not having problems with the pattern and have completed one sock to the toe. I’ve turned the heel on the second sock and completed the gussets, but I am finding that the yarn is knitting up differently. The first sock has the colorways knitting up in swaths of color and the second one is knitting up in more of a confettie pattern. This is not a problem in the upper parts of the sock, just the foot parts. The two socks have been knit from two different skeins. I had a similar problem using Tofutsies with a very basic sock pattern. These socks don’t look like a pair-one has wide swaths of color, the other has narrow color swaths (both knit from the same skein). Is there a way to get the colorways of the second sock to conform to first sock? I have perfectionist tendencies and this bothers me! I’ve tried ripping back and tried to align the colors. I’ve knitted a few rows, but the color pattern is still different. I would appreciate any tips!

When using two skeins make sure that the yarn coming off the skeins is the same repeat before you start. You may have to cut some off one end of one skein to get it that way - make sense?