My sock is getting a foot, every so slowly

My daughter helped me with getting the gusset part started last night. Now, I’m going to town, or I would be, if I didn’t have to sleep or get a college kid back to school! LOL! I’m so excited, that I will have a foot soon! Then I get to start the second sock.

Well done Dawn it’s looking really good…I have turned the heel on my sock too!!!

It’s looking really good! Turning the heel is so much fun!

Isn’t it exciting when your sock really starts to look like a sock! I love the yarn you chose. Nice work.

:happydance: It’s looking great!! I love the colorway :thumbsup:

My mom picked out that yarn, at the yarn store, where she lives. I wanted something blue and that is what she gave me!

It’s Sandnes Garn Sisu Fantasy.

Looking great! lovely color!

Congrats!!! I love that yarn too - great choice!

Great work! :slight_smile:

Lookin good! :thumbsup: I love those colors… great with jeans! Mary

lookin good! :thumbsup:

Thanks, everyone! I can’t wait to get them finished, either!

My sock now has a foot and I’m working on the toes now!

(We just won’t mention messing up decreases and having to frog a little bit, will we?)