My So Called Scarf

Not mine exactly, it’s for a friend :mrgreen:

Pattern: My So Called Scarf

Yarn: Bulky merino from in colorway bonbom. 165 yds per hank. I used up about 1½ hanks of yarn.

Mods: I cast on 24 sts instead of the 30 called for in the pattern. I worked the pattern as written, but bound off using k2tog instead of k1 to prevent flaring (thanks to simplethings for the idea). Oh, and I added a fringe.

What a gorgeous knit! Great color choice, and glad you shared the mods, they suit the scarf well!

:woohoo: WAY TO GO! I :notworthy: in your greatness. I have tried to knit that :!!!: scarf and spend more time frogging than knitting. My family has nicknamed it the Devil’s Neck Scarf because everytime I sit down to knit on the darn thing, I end up cussing!! :oops: :teehee:

So pretty!

Very pretty!

Wow, it is gorgeous in that colorway!!

My family has nicknamed it the Devil’s Neck Scarf because everytime I sit down to knit on the darn thing, I end up cussing!!

I did my share of cussing when I knit MSCS, too. Still, I hope to knit it again someday–maybe in the yarn posted here! :inlove:

Thanks for the comments!

I can understand why this pattern can be frustrating… but it’s really quite easy. A little slow in the beginning but using bulky wool like I did it knits up pretty quickly.
The edges tend to get a bit uneven if you’re not careful, so I just tightened the first stitch of each row. Frogging is a nightmare (I know, I frogged once to change needle size) and I can’t imagine how you’d pick up a dropped st (lucky I didn’t drop any).

If it’s the stitch pattern of MSCS you’re having trouble with, then I suggest this video -

Happy Saturday!

The pattern was so frustrating for me to learn as well. I felt like I was on the short bus bc so many people had posted about how easy it was, but it was the first difficult stitch patternI had ever done. Only had attempted ribbing and other super simple stitches beforehand.

I love how neatened up the OP scarf turned out. I still like my manos thick and thin messy look as well though. they are almost different scarves as they have such a different quality to them.

That looks increadible! Nice job, excellent color. :cheering:

That’s a nice-looking scarf. I tried using Manos, and it just didn’t look nice and even to me, so I abandoned the effort. It looks great in the yarn you chose!

By the way, how do you do the k2tog instead of k1 bind-off, exactly?

Skater, here is a post explaining the bind-off technique (2nd post on the 4th page written by simplethings). It really kept the edge from flaring.

As for the Manos, that’s the reason I chose not to use that yarn here. I’m not a big fan of thick and thin yarns and once I saw it at my LYS I started looking for other options. Plus I hear it can be itchy to some people. Hope you find a good use for it!

ETA: oops, forgot the link!