My So Called Scarf question

Those of you who have made it…did you do a selvedge stitch on each side or not? How’d it turn out if you didn’t?
Thanks! :muah:

Nope, didn’t. I love it, though it does curl in a bit…not enough to make me block it though. :wink:

Heh, thanks!
I started it with an selvedge and didn’t like how it looks…you could see a little chain or something. I already frogged it since I was knitting too tight anyhow.

I want a nice soft and loose fabric for my mmmmmmMalabrigo!

I started one with a selvedge, too, and ended up frogging it. It just didn’t seem to work with the pattern.

what is a selvege stitch?

A selvedge stitch is an extra stitch at each edge that helps to make the outer edges of a scarf more even. I slip the first and knti the last when I use a selvedge.

And I do exactly the same because…well, because Ingrid does it! :rofl: :notworthy:

I never have slipped the first stitch… mostly because I never learned that (self taught and the book didn’t say to, way back when) and when I tried to it looked really loose and sloppy. Since I knit more things that are seamed together than not, it doesn’t matter.


That pattern does come out quite tight…I knit it with bulky yarn and started out with US10.5 needles…I ended up knitting it on US15s and it’s still very dense. Such a great pattern for showing off variegated yarn!

Yeah I had it on 11s, but I’m thinking I might bump it up a needle size or two. I basically want this yarn as close to its original hank status as possible, so soffffft!

I think it does need a very large needle - 11s at least for worsted weight, and 13 or 15 if a bulkier yarn.


it’s definitely tight… and i also started it w/a selvedge & frogged it… didnt like the edge & it didnt really need it… it was the first scarf i knit where i felt… yeah… check me out… i’m a KNITTER!!!

hah… i knit a few of them too because i enjoyed it so muc!