My So Called Scarf KAL?

Anyone looking to knit up My So Called Scarf with me?
I’m hoping to finish two before winter ends! I’ve already bought 4 skeins of Manos.

i’m in!
i just started mine on monday last week. i don’t have a really verigated manos. it’s supposed to be solid, but there are some variations in there. it’s knitting up pretty nice. i changed the pattern and made the scarf a little skinnier.
i’m hoping to finish it this week and mail it off to my friend in alaska as a belated birthday present.
i’m about 1/3 of the length i want right now.

a KAL will help me stay on track and finish the darn thing!!!

and then maybe i’ll buy some of the pretty verigated manos to knit anotherone. :oops: :teehee:

This scarf is on my “want to knit” list. I’ll join you, although I might not start right away. :cheering:

Thanks for joining! :hug:

I’ve frogged MSCS 4 times already! My edges havn’t been turning out very neat.
The first two times I did the pattern as is. Too messy.
The third time I added a stitch on either side that I slipped at the start of a row and knitted at the end. That turned out cleaner but it really deviated from the flow of the pattern.
The fourth time I only added one stitch thinking I could just slip it at the start of a row… I completely miscalculated and it TOTALLY threw off the pattern rows. :shock:
Now I’m slipping the first stitch of the knit row knit-wise, and the last stitch of the same knit row purl-wise. It’s working out really well and I have at least a good foot of the scarf! FINALLY. :happydance:

I found the edge stitches can be kinda loose unless you tighten them up. With the crossed stitches though, they’re not like the usualy edge.


here’s how it’s looking so far.

originally i started with manos del uruguay: mulled wine.
i was knitting from 2 skeins since they were so different, but, the swapping edge became too tight and started to pucker. i decided that this wasn’t a color i would wear and that i wasn’t going to spend countless hours finishing it. so, i decided to start again in a new colorway.

MSCS is so hard to frog. but, yeah, that’s what’s left of it.
the new colorway i bought was stellar. i chose really similar skeins so i decided to only knit from one… i’m halfway done with the first ball and… just to be safe i’ve decided to start knitting from both.
after the many froggings i found that slipping the first and last stitches on the knit row definitely works. see how clean my edges look? :happydance:
i currently have a good 24 inches!

i love working the knit side. for some reason it just flows out of my hands.
the purl side though has been giving me some trouble. all in all i’m pretty happy with how’s it coming along.

Looks great! :cheering: The colorway on the second scarf really shows off the stitch pattern. I haven’t seen that one at my LYS. I’ll have to ask for it.
BTW-Did you add 2 stitches, then slip them on the knit side? I’m doing a scarf with a chain edge and I slip them purlwise and knit them on the other side.

i actually just left the pattern how it was.
so, i cast on 30 stitches… and then on the row where you do the slips and knits i actually slip the first stitch knit-wise. and then at the end of the knit row i slip the last stitch purl-wise.
so the row looks like this:

Row 1: sl1k, sl 1, K1, psso but before dropping the slipped stitch from the left needle, knit into the back of it repeat until there is one stitch left, sl1p

The purl row is the same. It’s been working out really well.

Oh! Just in case: the color # for the blue/gold one is 110. it’s called stellar.
The purple/gold onen is #118 mulled wine.

Thank you for all the info! I have some Manos left over from a hat I made. I think I’ll try it out. (Also, I checked out your blog. Beautiful photography.) :heart:

Well, I tried it out…and to my surprise…it worked! Yay! :cheering: It may take me awhile, as I have a few things OTN’s.

wow, really nice looking! your stitches look so much more defined than mine. yours seem more… round… my look flat. :pout:

what colorway is that? i really like it.

wow, really nice looking! your stitches look so much more defined than mine. yours seem more… round… my look flat. :pout:

what colorway is that? i really like it.

Thanks! I think the stitches look a little different in the photo, because of the flash. It made them kind of pop out!

The colorway is Lava, 105.

wow!!! i’m totally jealous, because i’m halfway done with my scarf, and my edges aren’t nice like yours…i thouht about taking a crochet hook and going along the edges just to clean them up…
i did a solid manos colorway in blue. the stitches still show up nicely because of the variations in the thickness of he yarn itself.

i was hoping to finish it this week, but i got sick…and then my yarn came for the wicked sweater i’m starting…so my so called scarf sat to the side :oops:

i posted in the help section, then i thot to try here…
is anyone having problems getting the sts to sit properly once there is a mistake? i have frogged so many times & i had a good bit knit cuz i was having the darndest time fixing when i ripped?
any help?

if i knew how to crochet i would definitely add a crochet border to MSCS.

hope you feel better!

i just ripped back a few rows and i tried to put the stitches back onto the needle but it didn’t really sit the right way either. i decided to keep on going with the pattern and the ripped row looks only slightly different. it blends in pretty well so i’m not going to worry about it.

i really couldn’t figure out the best way to put the stitches on the needle correctly. sorry!
the last time i tried MSCS i quit early because i dropped a stitch and couldn’t figure out how to get it back. :pout:

finally finished MSCS! i’ll post pictures once i take them.
it was a long road, but, i got to the end. once the first skein ran out i found this new drive to finish, and, i did.

the bind off was a little weird though. i did the typical k1 pass previous stitch over kind of bind off and it made the edge flare out… so i ended up knitting 2 together and then passing the previous stitch over all the way down and it kept the end in line with the rest of the scarf.

i’m considering blocking, but, i don’t really know where i could block such a long scarf.
i’m also wanting to give it a wash because it’s surprisingly itchy. any ideas on what product i should use? i hear baby shampoo is good.

finally finished today! now i need to ship it off tomorrow. i hope she likes it! :smiley:

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

simplethings and itsjustmeghan finished! :cheering: :cheering: Great job!

I’ve only done about 5 inches of mine. I’m having a really hard time with the purl side, so I stopped working on it. I don’t know why its so slow for me! Did either of you have that problem?

I don’t understand the instructions completely! Help! When doing the Psso, do you transfer that stitch (the slipped one) onto the left needle and then for the knitting into the back of the stitch, do you knit into the back of that stitch so you knit a stitch backwards onto the right needle with it?