My So Called Hat?

I am in the process of knitting a MSCS and next week is Spring Break, so there will be no faculty or students here and I thought since it’s going to be very quiet around here I would try my very first hat! Do any of know of a hat pattern that would go good with the “So Called” pattern?



Ingrid made one, I’m sure she’ll be along shortly.

I know someone figured out how to do the pattern in the round, but I’m just not that smart. :wink:

When I made my hat, I knit it flat and then seamed up the back. Then I picked up the stitches around the bottom and did some ribbing for a fold up brim.

I saw a similar scarf pattern where you do the RS row is the same, but just purl on the WS row. I thought that would make a good circular pattern, but it isn’t quite the same. I did fiddle with it and got something similar: use an odd number of stitches, on round 1, knit it the same, but end with psso. Knit the next round; on rnd 3 start with the slip st and end with k1, knit rnd 4. On rnd 5, start with k1. Keep alternating the odd number rounds to start with either the sl st or k1 and it comes out pretty close to the scarf pattern.


Ingrid made one where she knitted a My So Called strip, then picked up stitches along it’s edge, joined, and knitted in the round in stockinette just like a regular hat. She’ll give you the specifics later, but that’s essentially it. :thumbsup:

That’s what I did. I cast on the brim and knit a tiny so-called scarf, seamed the edge and picked up stitches to knit in the round. I made mittens the same way, too.

That hat and those mittens look great! Hopefully I’ll get done with my scarf so I can start the hat!

Ingrid- Do you remember how many stitches you CO for the hat?

Thanks again for everyone’s help. I love this site!!! :heart:


I was afraid you’d ask me that! :teehee: I think I worked the MSC pattern over 14 or 16, and I added a stockinette stitch edge from which to pick up stitches. That made a nice little ridge along the pick-up row.

I pretty much just wrapped the band around my head to see if it fit with a little stretch and then picked up stitches all around. I think there were about 80 stitches around.