My so called and scrunchable scarves - Love 'em!

Check out my first and my latest scarves of this year. I love them both. I love the texture, the way they look and feel!!!
You can read about it at my

Very nice!

Both are so colorful and beautiful!

Those are pretty!

Those are my favorite scarves to knit, too. Love the colors on yours!!

Call me a nerd/geek/dork if you must, but I’m especially loving the way that the right side of the So-Called Scarf looks like DNA!

There ARE several DNA scarves out there, did you know that?


They are both beautiful. I love your colors… :cheering: :cheering:

:muah: :cheering: I love the colors… what beautiful scarves!

That MSCS looks awesome! I agree with pammsread that it looks like DNA!

The scrunchable looks SO cozy!