My S'more pattern now has larger sizes!

So after always reading about how people want patterns in larger sizes, I’ve done calculations for sizes that should fit up to a 53" chest (50.5" finished bust size). Oh, the math of it all! And my formerly hand-drawn chart for the lace is now a nice typed table, and I still have the row by row written instructions for the lace, too. Anyhow, it is available for download in pdf from my blog. If you need a Word version, PM me and we can arrange that, too.

ooooo your model is GORGEOUS!!! :inlove:


Hildi, do you know who the model is?? I have a secret if you don’t :slight_smile: And she’s as kind and generous as she is gorgeous too!

And you guys, this pattern is the BOMB! I have not tried it yet, but I have read it over a few times and it doesn’t seem too difficult even for ME, who has not done anything more complex than socks yet!

AND, the lace and cable patterns are WRITTEN out for you as well as charted, but in case you can’t read a chart (like me :oops: ) you are in luck because it is all written out for you!

Great job. I think this is going to be my first garment…wish me luck!!

Thank you, Soap Doc. :oops: And I’m sure you’ll be showing off your first garment in no time!