My sister did something to my scarf--help on how to fix

i’m doing stockinette and had last left off on a purl row, my sister was looking at it and when she handed it back a loop had slipped off the end and the thread attached to the ball was still on the needle behind the dropped loop–how do i fix this? this is my first project started last summer i’m only a third way done and i don’t want to start over. so any help would be appreciated! thanks
Go to the “Tips” page of videos right here. Go to the section on “Fixing Mistakes”. I think the one you need is called Fixing a Run/Dropped Stitch. That should help you out here.

The last st just slipped out. Put it on the left needle and reknit it.

I agree with Sue. You just finished a row. Turn the work so that it is like you were working at the end of the row you just finished. Now you have all but one stitch on the right hand needle. Put the lone stitch loop on the left needle and knit it over. Now you are ready to turn and start the next row.

thank you all