My Shrug

I always wanted to knit something for myself and finally I knit a shrug!



What yarn did you use? The color is great.

Looks great on ya! :thumbsup: :happydance:

Looks great! Love the colour!

Yes, what yarn and pattern did you use? It looks fantastic on you! Great job!

Lovely :cheering:
Isn’t it fun to knit for yourself :teehee:

very cute!

Awesome! :yay:

Thanks All!!! I love that shrug! It seems like a trend in wearing shrug now, and i believe those who love to knit will not buy a knitted shrug rather than knit ourselves…


The pattern as below and i use a mix cotton blend yarn (DK…):-

As I prefer it to be bigger and longer and with sort of raglan sleeve, therefore, i increase the stitch to bigger (80sts).

Original is a sleeveless shrug!!!

size 10.5 circular needles 16" (you’ll be knitting back and forth, not in the round)
worsted weight yarn (less than a skein)

CO 40 stitches
Row 1: *k1, p1, rep. from * to end of row
Row 2: *p1, k1, rep. from * to end of row

Repeat rows 1 and 2 five times for a total of 10 rows

Row 11: knit across
Row 12: *k1, yo, rep. from * to end of row
Row 13: *k1, drop yo, rep. from * to end of row
Row 14: knit across

Repeat rows 11-14 until the drop stitch section reaches across the back from shoulder to shoulder

Knit 10 rows in seed stitch (as beginning)

Bind off

Fold in half and sew seed stitch rows to form your sleeves.

It is easy and fast. xxx xxx xxx


I knit this one too…same pattern and mine is in green… yours look great !!! i will post mine here to show u this weekend… i still need help from my hubby on the camero :happydance:

I love the color you used.

Vey nice, awesome colour!! :cheering: