My self-made double pointed needles!

About a few weeks ago, I wanted some double pointed needles (which I didn’t have any) VERY BADLY :roflhard: , so I decided to try making some by myself. We weren’t able to find any double pointed needles in the second hand stores around where we live. So I thought I would have to make some by myself :rofl: So there I was, using the wooden sticks of the freezies (if you know what I mean), stick two of them together, and start making the needles…

I just thought I would share the whole TOUGH process of how I made them :teehee:

  • first, I stuck two sticks together to make them thicker.
  • using a knife, I then cut the sticks in half lengthwise after the glue dried.
  • now is where the tough part starts… I then used the knife to shape the body of the stick nice and round, and also sharpened the ends.
  • now it’s time to sand the needles! I used a very fine sanding paper and sanded the needles until they feel nice and smooth.
  • finally, I applied some wood finish on them, so that they stay longer. Then I did some final ultra-fine sanding. DONE!

ps. those took me more than one day to finish… my older brother said I was crazy :rofl: , but the thought of being able to do knitting in the round kept me going with them! :roflhard: ( they might be kind of short though :pout: , anyways I was able to knit things like mittens and socks with them!)


I am very impressed. They look beautiful. You are truly resourceful.



PS – Short is not always bad for DPNS – it makes it easier to do little things like fingers on gloves.

Those are beautiful !!!

I have also used … bamboo skewers, they come in several lengths, and diameters, “orange sticks” for pushing cuticles back, and small wood dowels used for the middle of wedding cakes. I can’t go to the grocery store without looking for something that can be used to knit, or hold yarn, or block something that will be felted.

It is bad when you would rather NOT have help carrying in the groceries … so you don’t get … “WHAT IS THIS FOR ???”

Again, yours are beautiful and a work of art!

Good for you! Amazing.

yeah you! :cheering: They look great. When I want to make my own needles I go to Joannes or Micheals or whatever and I get some dowells and sharpen the ends. So nice to have other ideas as well.

That is awesome! And they look really nice! Great job! :notworthy:

Very clever!! :cheering:

I must be blind. I can’t find the picture of the needles or a link to a blog. Help please.

Never mind!! They finally loaded, after I read all the replies and submitted my reply.

You did a great job. :cheering: :thumbsup: and WOW what a prosess. :notworthy: I’ve made dpns and cns out of bamboo skewers and chop sticks, I’ve also used dowels from the hardware store.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Nope… Debbie don’t see ANYTHING wroing with not wanting people to find you goodies (iin the grocery bag)…

Bamboo skewers?? :teehee:

Those are great! I never would have thought to do that. I HAVE thought about sanding and finishing the cheap wooden chopsticks that you get with sushi takeout though…

Great job!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yeah… it would have been much easier to use wooden chopsticks, etc. and just sharpen them… but somehow I wasn’t able to find any…lol

Debbie! I do the same sort of things a lot, too! :rofl: Other people always ask me: “what are you saving these TRASH for?”…lol :roflhard:

Very cool. :cheering: