My seed stitch hem is folding :(

[COLOR=plum][B]I knitted a seed stitch border for the bottom of my sweater and now it’s folding up :??. Is this normal? I never thought it would fold…could I do anything to fix this? :cry:[/B][/COLOR]

It’s not usual but is this the knitting it red yarn you were doing and you were having problems following the pattern for the seed stitch? I ask because I’m not sure whether you are knitting correctly or not…but…you have only just done this haven’t you and so it may straighten in time and as you knit further. I presume you are doing stockinette now? Have you changed needle size? Can you perhaps post an image like you did before?

I’ve had that happen, too. Blocking can help, depending on the yarn.

[B][COLOR=plum]The first picture shows it folded.[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR=plum]I didn’t change needle size when I continued in stockinette…maybe that’s why? :??[/COLOR][/B]

You don’t have to change needle sizes. I think it’s the stockinette wanting to curl up, and Ingrid’s right, blocking should help.

[COLOR=plum][B]Thank you! I’m so relieved…I had a terrible thought of having to do it over again :cry:[/B][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=#dda0dd]I hope blocking will help :pray:[/COLOR][/B]

You can block what you’ve got now, to check; put your stitches on scrap yarn so you can spread them out.

[B][COLOR=plum]:think: That would be hard despite putting it on scrap yarn since the thing is in the round[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=plum]How do people block sweaters knitted in the round?[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR=plum]I blocked the border without taking it off the circs. It [I]has[/I] flattened out (yay!), but I don’t know if it’ll fold up again or not. It’s not completely dry yet, so I’ll know when I start knitting again.[/COLOR][/B]