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specially if you’re feeling the effects of a certain problem…

My oldest daughter has such a beautiful skin colour. She is a very pale pretty colour, I call her Snow White. It is along the same tone as Nicole Kidman. Just such a pretty pale glow.

I remember putting baby oil on. Tanning was such a big thing years ago. Not so much anymore here as younger ones now see the damage on others.

I remember the old Copper Tone Tan commercials from the 70 and 80’s.

The one with the dog?

Oh yeah… that dog one was cute. :lol:

I have fair skin, and before the gray, black hair. While in high school, Hollywood High, I tried a few times during the summer to get a tan and all I gained were awful sunburns. Well, I finally decided to be who I was: The tall, brunette with fair skin. As a result over ‘all’ these many years I am on the eve of my 83rd birthday and still no wrinkles. I remember as a young girl thinking something like "if God wanted me to have darker skin I would have been born with it.’ Never let so-called trends of fashion dictate to you. Be yourself. You won’t be sorry. :muah:

What a great post! And Happy Birthday!