My secrets video

So I finally caved and decided to make a my secrets video


I’m not happy about the video… but at least I put it out there

Uh… Secrets? What kind of secrets. I can’t see, but not sure I want to w/o knowing what it’s about.

It’s my secret past

I sent you a PM

I got it :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlin, I watched your video. I am sorry to hear that you have been through such trials at such a young age.

I am glad you have a diagnosis as this is a very positive step. Bipolar is not a fun illness to have at all. My father is Bipolar. Also I have a friend who is as well. It is difficult to diagnose but much more manageable when the doctor’s finally get it right and people are started on treatment. It is trial and error in regards to treatment at first for some but one can live a normal and fulfilling life.

Take care there girl

Keep blogging

I’m not interested in a medicated way to manage my emotions, I don’t like medicine for depression either cause it makes me feel weird, but I’m doing better

I am glad to here that you are doing better

also you spelled my name wrong xD people always do, it’s spelled Caitlyn, but I don’t mind being called Cat

That’s one of those names that has multiple spellings scouts always hard to know. Caitlyn, Caitlin, Katelyn, etc.

One of my daughters is named Kristen. She gets Kristin, kristyn, Chrysten, plus assorted nicknames. Lol

lol it’s the same for me, though some of the mean girls at school call me dawn cause I’m so pale, I love being pale though xD I love the old world sense of beauty it makes me so happy

I always impressed on my girls the importance of sunscreen so they were very fair, too. They did get teased especially because we live near the beach in southern CA, but they’re happy now they have less chance for skin cancer!

I just barley go outside, everyone around here wants to be tanned though… I don’t see why I like my paleness!

You’ll have the last laugh when you’re older and have beautiful skin! :thumbsup:

And not have cancer! haha every girl in my school that has tanned skin tans in tanning beds.

Yikes. :zombie:

I’m safe from skin cancer :slight_smile:

Good! Sadly, I’m not. I am a southern CA beach are girl and when I was young I did awful things to my skin in the name of suntans and vanity. SPF either wasn’t invented yet or was in its infancy then. I regularly put a mixture of baby oil and iodine on my skin and had numerous bad sunburns. So far I haven’t gotten skin cancer, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I did at some point…:zombie:

Poor jan >.< right now I’m sick though :’( I hate it!

Aww, I’m sorry. No fun being sick.