My Second project

I rose to the challenge of a fan feather pattern tank top (Patons silk &bamboo feather and fan top. Size extra large.cast on 134 stitches

I am too embarrassed to tell you how many hours of rip and redo I have invested. Still, I have persevered and resisted the lure of fuelling the fireplace and have now complete the back to the point where I begin to shape the neck. As it hangs for length measurement I realize it is probably going to be too wide when finished.
My question is, I am going to begin the front, is it possible to cast on fewer stitches than the stated 134? Can I cast on fewer than I did at the back? How much can I decrease?
I realize that when I get to shaping the neck and shoulders go the front I will have to revert to the stated stitches (increase and decrease)so to match the seams.
Can I do this downsizing of the front body and keep the shape?

Welcome to KH. Did you gauge swatch? I’m not sure that making the front narrower will work well. Others with more experience can help you out more with that. What yarn are you using? I’m wondering if washing it will make it worse or better.

I don’t think that would work really. The seams wouldn’t be centered under your arms and the sleeves wouldn’t fit correctly. :shrug: