My Second FO... another dishcloth

Hey, so I just finished this the other night…

It’s a textured square knitted dishcloth from here

I think I will now move on to try a scarf… you know, since it’s getting nice out! lol

Cool. I have to make some to try. Never used hand knitted ones .

That’s a pretty one!

That’s a pretty dishcloth!!! I love the colors and the pattern.

ooh- reminds me of ice cream… nice job!

Good one! Did you make up the stitch pattern?

Thanks everyone!

I still need to learn to bind off not so tightly or something (it’s really obvious where it is I binded off… at least I think).

But I really do like how the colors worked into the pattern.

No… lol… no where near good enough to make up a pattern, the pattern I used is included in the first post (it’s a link)…