My second ever FO: Pet snuggle

Well here it is folks, my second ever FO–some of you may remember a post about a WIP with tension problems–this is that object, now finished. I used a “rug” pet snuggle pattern using cream bernat softy chunky. Another good learning experinece. I need to block it and weave in the ends, but I am glad that this is done! :happydance:

Now I find myself wondering what my third project should be… :thinking:
I was considering the Irish Hiking scarf, but I am wondering if that might be a bit much yet…

Vinny and Thelma’s pet mom

That looks great! Congrats on your 2nd project. I say go for the Irish Hiking Scarf–this site and the forum are great resources if you get stuck!

:smiley: Great job :thumbsup:

Great job!

Great job! I second the motion! Go for the scarf! You can do it! Come and ask questions if you need help!

HEY!! SOme luck pet is going to snuggle!!! If it’s a cat, and you sew a little catnip inside the corner–you’ll have a snuggling cat for life! :inlove:

Good job :smiley: Scarf is a good idea, I’m sure you can do it!

Good job :slight_smile: nicely done :slight_smile:


That looks great, what a lucky pet!

I agree, you should definitely go for the scarf. Cables are a lot easier thatn they look, and you can alway some here for help if you start thinking :?? or :wall:. And, once you get your head around the concept, you’ll feel like a total knitting wizard!

the snuggler looks cozy. Don’t be afraid to try the Irish Hiking Scarf. That has been one of my favorite projects! Look at the video Amy offers on this site and you will know how to do the cables. Enjoy!