My scrap 10 point Round Ripple Afghan

I was determined to make an afghan out off all my scrap yarn before buying anymore yarn. I am pleased to announce…mission complete! It measures 81 1/2 inches x 81 inches and is laying on a queen size bed. It is a house warming gift for a co worker. The pattern I used is a pattern I created myself.

typo error: That should read 16 point round ripple

Fabulous Melinda! I love using up my scrap yarn for afghans. It feels good to make something useful and make space for new yarn at the same time. What a lovely gift too!


Very nice! Good alternation of lights/darks/mediums, too. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the nice compliments! Now to figure out what new colors I want to buy…and what to make with them!

You did a great job on this! You’re being very efficient in your yarn consumption! I’m not quite to that point yet as I love to start projects and sometimes have a difficult time finishing them.

Beautiful afghan! Your coworker will be thrilled!

[SIZE=4][I]What a great idea! :cheering:[/I][/SIZE]

Beautiful! I love the way you arranged the colors. Great way to use up the yarn.:yay:

Thanks everyone!

I’m very confused: do you mean to say that your pattern is available, or isn’t it? I went to the blogsite, only to find that it has been “sold”.
This I do not comprehend.
Can you clarify, please?

She probably just listed one of the item available and after it sold, she forgot to list it again. Probably if you convo her in etsy, she’d make it available for purchase again.


I do apologize for the misunderstanding and late response. Yes, the pattern is listed on etsy and ralvery. I wasn’t sure if I could post the link when I started this topic so that is why it wasn’t posted. Also,I guess I should either update my blog or my
Thanks and I apologize for the confussion.