My scanner died

Hey my scanner died! Are they fixable or should I just pay and get a new one? It is an HP scanjet 4400C What do you think?

Do you know what happened to cause it to die? I had a HP laserjet all-in-one where the bulb went out of alignment. HP told me to unplug it and plug it in again a bunch of times. Each time I did it, the bulb moved a little farther along until it got to the very end and it reset itself to the beginning.

How old is it? If it’s 3+ years old, I would get a new one because things have improved so much (like speed and quality)

It wasn’t even turning on even after a reset. So I bought a new 3 in 1 at Walmart.

The old scanner was over three years.

yeah- even if you could find somewhere that might be able to try to fix it- the new ones are so cheap and do so many more things, that usually its not worth the fixing fees… glad you found a new one!