My rows too short!

im knitting in the round making a lacey cowl. just got to the end of my 34th row and i dont have enough stitches left on the needles to complete my pattern for that row. i checked the row and i didn’t use those stitches elsewhere. . . ?? is it possible to add 2extra stitches to finish the row without it being super noticable? how can i?

Since it is a lace pattern each stitch has a very special place it is suppose to be so just throwing on a couple of sts would probably mess it up further. What I would do is tink the row out and then count and see if I had the right number at the beginning of the row. If so work it over very carefully checking myself as I went. If the stitch count is still off, I’d tink another row until I had it right and do that part over.

are you wokring with a pattern? If so there probably is some thought behind everything and there should be enough stitches. So follow Merigold’s advice first of all.

If your pattern does decrease or increase there might be that amount of stitches more or less. Then there should be a solution how to finish the round.

Can you link to that pattern? Maybe we can figure it out for you?