My ribbing is too stretchy

Hi, I’m new here and could use some help. I’m a relatively new sock knitter and I’m doing a K4P4 ribbing which seems to be too stretchy in the transitions from K to P. I’ve tried pulling it tight, but that doesn’t seem to help. Two questions:

  1. Any suggestions on how to tighten it up a bit?

  2. Will it really matter in the long run? I didn’t see a problem with the K2P2 ribbing on my first pair of socks, so maybe it just tightens itself up enough to not be noticeable …?


That’s pretty normal. What you can try is wrapping the purl after the knit the opposite way, then purl in the front loop on the round after that so it ends up twisted which makes the stitch tighter, but won’t show on the RS.

I will try that - thanks so much!

I have this problem, too. If the ribbing will not be folded you can continue to wrap the yarn the wrong way on the first purl stitch. It makes beautiful ribbing on the front side, but will look twisted on the back side of that stitch. I do it all the time for hats and socks that will stay front side out.

Here’s a link to what I wrote about it on my blog when I discovered the solution.