My ribbed scarf is so tight you can't see the ribbing!

I’m about 3/4 the way done on my first project so I don’t want to unravel it now. I did a ribbed (knit 2, purl 2) scarf in caron simply soft and I love it, but I think I used too small of a needle (8) because you can only see the knit on both side and not the purl so you can’t really tell it’s ribbed unless you pull it apart. Is there a way to stretch it once it’s down or will it stay tight?

Should I use larger needles next time or do knit 2, purl 3 or do all ribbed knits end up like this?


If ya don’t wanna frog it, then yeah I would use bigger needles next time. I doubt blocking would work since Caron is acrylic :frowning: I bet it still looks great though!

Thanks! :slight_smile: It seems extra thick so it’ll be a good one for our Chicago winter. I’ll try bigger needles next time. Thanks!

Ribbing wants to pull in, so you’ll often only see the knits.

A really cool pattern that many of us have made is Scrunchable Scarf. Simple to make, with a nice mock rib effect. Just by k2, p1 across on both sides, you end up with a line of knits, a line of purls, and a line of moss stitch. It lies nice and flat and doesn’t pull in, yet still has a nice body to it.

Thanks so much! That scarf is so adorable! I think that will be my next scarf now! :smiley: