My Relentless Sock Journey

I have the courage to make socks. :shock:


I would like to know if anyone has a website pattern that goes in-depth on sock making.

I don’t know my dpn sizes also…so hopefully a site that doesn’t need a specific size.

Thanks for your help!!

I highly recommend two things…

The North Country Cotton baby sock, since it’s tiny it goes quickly but goes over all of the principles involved in larger socks, plus there are Amy’s helpful videos for crucial steps…

Also Silver’s Sock Class is a step-by-step demonstration of sock making, in various weights of yarn, from worsted to fingering.

My first sock has been done using Silvers sock class. I never got to complete the second as I cast on in a lovely self striping yarn to make a pair. I have that one stripey sock still on the needles, 3/4 of the way done. I need to finish that and make the other =D

Sock knitting is brilliant and addictive - I am however a terrible non-monogamous knitter and easily attracted to other projects :roflhard:

I recommend Silver’s tutorial. I learned to knit socks from watching a Knitty Gritty show…u can find a wealth of sock info here. And if you have any questions, you can always post here, someone will gladly help you :wink:

i second (or third?) silver’s sock tutorial. i am so thankful to her for undertaking that project because it helped me go from scarves to something “real” to knit like socks. i knitted a pair of socks! i wear them to work all the time and tell everyone who will listen that i knitted them. :happydance:

here’s another vote for silver’s sock class!!!

Where is Silver, I noticed her name is not on the Mod list anymore. Did I miss something??

I’m here! I stepped down as a mod on my own behalf. No bad feelings or anything… I’ve just been so busy with my graphics design work, I didn’t feel I was fufilling my mod duties as I should. Everything’s fine and all’s well over here!

Thanks for all the props for my sock knitting tutorial! :heart: :heart:

*When moving stitches, always slip as if to purl. Just like you did after casting on. DO NOT PURL the stitches, only insert the working needle AS IF you were going to purl.

On your next needle, (working yarn coming from last stitch of last needle), you need 32 24 20 stitches. This is needle #1.

*KEEP the working yarn before the first stitch on needle #1.

On your the other two needles, you need 16 12 10 stitches. These are needles #2 and #3.

This is the next step, dividing the stitches…the thing though is I don’t get where I am. I have them still divided 16, 16, 16. The trailing yarn is on the last needle to even out all the rows.