My purled knit stitch scarf.. what am I missing?

I’m merely a week old knitter and I’m just learning how to knit myself a simple scarf as practice using the knit stitch. However, i am looking at my knitted scarf so far, and it looks like it’s a purled scarf :frowning: I thought I was doing a knit stitch, but when I finally looked down at the detail… How did I manage to purl a scarf If i’ve been doing what a knit stitch video has taught me to do?

I hope the pics help. Anyone got any insights?

Side A

Side B

Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like its soft fluffy look, and I was really getting the hang of it, but I was sort of hoping to do this the other way :stuck_out_tongue:

The back of a knit stitch is a purl and when you knit every stitch, every row, you get garter st. That shows up mostly as purl bumps, but if you stretch it lengthwise, you’ll see a row of Vs between the bumps. Take a look at the garter st video under Basic stitches on the Tips page. If you want one side all knits, then you knit a row then purl a row and alternate. It looks like you’re doing it correctly.

When you knit all rows you get what is called Garter stitch. You did nothing wrong. It looks good. To get the smooth vee type knit stitch you have to knit one row and purl one row repeating rows one and two. With this you get Stockinette St. The piece will be smooth on one side with the little vee stitches and bumpy on the reverse side with the little purl bumps.

What they said. :slight_smile: But I just wanted to mention, if you do a scarf all stockinette, knit a row, purl a row to get the flat vees on one side and the purl bumps on the other, your scarf will curl a lot. That can be a desired look but if you want it to lie flat you need to put some of what you are getting now at the sides of your scarf. They usually put it at the ends too. There are other stitches for that use, but garter is a common one. Many scarves are done all in garter stitch, and I think they look great.