My purl and knit stitch look the same???

I knit the usual knit stitch in the usual way but it looks the same as my purl and defo doesn’t have the weird triangle pattern on it. No one at home knits so please if you know tell me!

Are you knitting in the round?

Welcome to KH. A picture of the problem would be helpful. What pattern are you doing?

Is there a chance you put your knitting down for a minute and when you returned you maybe picked it up the wrong way and knitted some on the wrong side? These would look like purls when you turn the work back around.

A photo of your knitting would be very helpful for us to diagnose the issue. A wild guess here: are you by any chance just learning, and practicing several rows of knit, then several rows of purl?? Those would look exactly the same! To get the “weird triangles”, you need to alternate a knit row and a purl row.

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