My proudest knitting moment so far

Last night, DH and I went out to a pub with some of his friends from school whom I’d never met before and at one point, one of the girls was asking if anyone knew how to knit, since she was trying to learn and make her boyfriend an afghan by Christmas ( :shock: ). I told her I knew and so right in the middle of this bar, I taught her to knit! Isn’t that great? I KIP AND taught someone about knitting in one fell swoop. And of COURSE, I told her about this wonderful website that has saved my bacon many a time in my few short weeks here!

:cheering: You just invented TKIPing!! :cheering:

You are a knitting AMBASSADOR! Good for you!

i am most delighted that you taught her in a bar! fun!!

MMMMMMMM. My dream combo, knitting and in a pub! Great job!

YAY for you :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: Let us know when your friend arrives, teacher :wink: