My pretty new cascade yarn

I got 25%off so I had to buy 2 :happydance:

:inlove: ohhh pretty!!! :thumbsup:

OOOH!! Those are pretty. What are the names/colors?



it is called cascade quatro the yarn brand the colors are just numbers.

Those are gorgeous! I’m so jealous!

Pretty!! :inlove: What are you making with it?

So pretty!

I love how they put stuff on sale so you’ll buy more… how very kind of them!

Have fun with it!

I am making a sophie bag right now.

That is going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it felted!


That Sophie is going to be GORGEOUS!! :inlove: has a big sale on right now, with great prices on Cascade. So if you’re a cascade fan, hop on over there and check out the sale. (But hands off my favorite colors, sister! :roflhard: )

WEBS ( has fabulous customer service, too. Really friendly.


I just bought some Cascade the other day!!! It’s a blue heather. My mum got me some of this blue Cascade when we were on the coast last week at Craft Warehouse. It was on sale for $4 a skein!!! So I got the last 6 of this blue. Well when I got home I had a WEBS flyer in my mailbox that said they were having a sale on Cascade so I had to get some more of this blue to gowith my little bit of blue so now I’ll have a bunch of blue and I think Imma make a top down sweater with it. Maybe we should have a Cascade KAL :??

Oooooo purrrrty! :inlove:

:heart: I love it! but I’m biased, I’m making my tunic with that same pink/purple/green/periwinkle Quatro right now! :heart:

Here’s my Cascade 200. It’s not realy that bright though IRL.

Oooo. I :heart: the Cascade Quatro colors. :inlove: I’m planning a broken rib scarf for hubby using the same light blueish-green. I made a plain garter stitch scarf for my mom with a gorgeous orangey-peach and I have a dark green-teal that I haven’t any plans for yet.