My pretty girl

I just got back the pictures they took at daycare last week, and had to share with you…

Adorable! :muah:


What a cutie pie!

I bet she is as sweet as she looks. I love that age.

She’s so cute. Adorable. I luuuv that hair.

She’s gorgeous. I am crazy in love with her hair. I have NEVER ever seen natural red hair so rich and literally -red- before. Usually it is that beautiful orange-blond or red-blond shade.


That is a great photo. She is beautiful.

She is adorable! And I am so jealous of her red hair!

Your daughter is really cute. :smiley:

Great picture!

Yeah…I am with everyone on this one…her hair colour is gorgeous…I have been trying to achieve that colour for years!

She is a cutie :slight_smile:

She is sooo cute!!

She’s so adorable!

I am a redhead so I would be biased of course, but I think redhead little girls are the cutest thing in the world and she is beautiful. :muah:

she is so cute
my sister is a natural redhead (but with curls), so I guess I am a bit partial to redheads :wink:
I myself am a strawberry blonde

for sure!!!