*My personal weight loss thread*

I’m looking forward to my appt. Still doing well but it’s been so damn hot and rainy that I haven’t been outside. The doctor said this is only short term btw, just to give me a jump start. I think it has really helped me with getting over the first “shrinking your stomach” type hump. I want to develop good eating and exercising habits so that when I’m off it I’ll still be working towards my goals.

First goal, size 18 jeans. That would put me in the high women’s but out of the plus section!

That’s my DD’s goal for now too!

You can do it!!

Sounds like you’re taking care of yourself – listening to your body is key!

You can do it! :thumbsup:

You’re doing awesome!

When I started my weight loss, I joined a site called SparkPeople.com It is a really great site, and its free. They have a wonderful community, meal planners, and a really great weigh in tool. They suggest measuring your body as well as using the scale, because you get to see the results a bit clearer. And they have a great tool for tracking it too. They have an exercise tracker too, to help you track how many calories you’re burning and how many you should to help you stay active. I love the site. You should at least give it a look. :slight_smile:

I joined, thanks Riss!!! :woohoo:

Hurray! I found it a huge help… Hopefully it’ll help you too :slight_smile:

Good luck dahling, and keep us updated.

I weighed in today. I’m down 11 pounds! I also got a fab new haircut. :happydance:

Hurray! Good for you. :slight_smile:

congrats on the loss!

Thanks! I went to Curves today. A friend at work gave me a guest pass. It was nice but I don’t think it will work with my schedule.

I have so fallen off the wagon this weekend sigh :wall:

Falling off the wagon is okay, so long as you get back on and don’t punish yourself for it. Beating yourself up over eating to much and not working out won’t do you ANY good. Just move on, and promise yourself that you can do better. For you.

hug I’m here if you need some encouragement. Feel free to PM me or IM me on AIM or something… I’m always around. :slight_smile:

Tuesday night and I ain’t got nobody, I don’t got money cuz I haven’t been paid :violin:

Don’t beat yourself up over it, just get back on the wagon and don’t let the wagon keep rolling on without you. :teehee:
I lost something like 26 pounds a few years ago and I had days and even weekends that were by some standards just plain horrible food wise. I think most of the good diet plans say go ahead and have an off day or two, it’s normal just get back to normal right after. :hug: You can’t be a good girl all the time!!

Hey I noticed you lost more weight. Congrats…you are doing awesome.

Hey thanks!!! Since you pulled up the thread I was weighed at my Drs appt yesterday and lost another 8 pounds. :happydance:

Congrats!! You are doing great. I am 7 pounds away from pre-first child weight. I think this last 7 pounds will be my hardest.

Your 19 pounds is a lot better than my 18 pounds in 15 months. Wishing you all the best and remember falling off the wagon is your body’s way of telling you that you are doing the right thing (at least that is how I look at it).

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Wow look at you go…You look fantastic… congrats…

AAAAAWWWWW thanks! I needed to hear that.

Ooh! Look at that snazzy new user pic! You look so cute!

Keep up the good work girlie… You’re looking great :smiley: