My penguin doll's new shirt!

This shirt actually started out as a long piece of fabric. :teehee: When I first knit the fabric, I wasn’t sure what it should become, some of you might already know this because you’ve seen my thread before.

Anyhow, I thought I was gonna make it into a headband or scarf, but then I saw my little penguin and decided to make the fabric into a shirt :teehee:

The pictures below show how I made it :slight_smile:

How cute!

So cute! And very creative.


Very clever! That’s cute!

Awwww! That is super cute! Good job!

He is now seriously cool!

Thanks everyone! :cheering: :heart:
My little penguin also says hi and thank you to y’all :waving: :teehee:


That’s cute. I’m always amazed at how so many of you just start knitting and come up with your own pattern/design. :notworthy:

That is cute!

I have a penguin with a santa hat too, he sits on my bookcase.

I LOVE it!! how cute! :muah:

very cute!

Adorable! :cheering:

That’s adorable! What a great idea!