My parents' 35th anniversary

It is my parent’s 35th anniversary soon, and they’re having a hard time right now. My brother isn’t doing well, my dad’s sister has cancer and my grandmother (on my mom’s side) has cancer too and it seems it can not be cured. Yup, it’s been a very, very crappy summer for us. :pout:

Obviously it’s not the time to have a big party, nobody’s really up to it. I don’t really know what to do, because I think my parents deserve their 35th anniversary to be celebrated, and they are so in love with each other! I was thinking of taking them out for dinner in a fancy restaurant, just the two of them, me and my boyfriend (my brother lives far, and I don’t think he’s in any shape to celebrate), where they could have a bit of a good time and just relax for one evening. What do you guys think? :shrug: Any other ideas?

With all that’s going on, I think you’re right about it not being the time for a big party. Your idea of a really nice, private dinner with you and your bf sounds lovely. That’s something that I know my parents would really appreciate, I’m sure yours would as well. Good luck and :hug:

My grandfather died about 3 weeks before my parents 25th. We threw them the biggest party we’ve ever put together, and, if just for that little bit they were the happiest they had been in a while.