My Parachute Child

So, I have this daredevil kid (20 years old) who knows that he scares his mother to death. His past history includes rock climbing (with safety gear - no very bad accidents so far) motorcycle riding (2 bad accidents, one nearly life-threatening, but was wearing safety gear) And now, he wants to jump out of an airplane! Yeah.

I know he has a jump planned but he won’t tell me what day it is, so “I won’t worry.” Yeah. Like that’ll stop me.

:wimper: [SIZE=1]help[/SIZE].

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hugs - i don’t know if this is reasuring or not but parachuting is statistically safer than riding a motorbike.

don’t worry about him to much, (ok i know you will its a mothrs job) but be assured that a lot of the sports and activities he enjoys go through some of the msot rierous saftey checks and involve some of the most developed and modern technology available (the physics and engineering that go into parachutes and rock climbing geer is astounding!)
Just think of the beautiful photographs he can come back with and forget about what he has to do to get them!

And my sympathies for the bike accidents, i have a bike liscence (no bike at the moment), worked in a bike store and have many biker friends. I have seen both some miraculous escapes and some heart breaking tragedies over the years (and i’m 23) hopefully after two bad accidents he has got any reckless bike riding out of his system (if they where his fault ) and knows they extra safety precausions to take (if, as it so often is, it wasn’t his fault).

Okay, that makes sense! He was a physics and engineering major! Now, I’m beginning to get it!

Yeah, problem is, since the accidents ‘weren’t his fault’ that means he can go out and ride again. Apparently broken bones don’t hurt as much when it’s not your fault. Or maybe they heal faster when it’s not your fault. This kid nearly lost an arm! It took him a YEAR to feel and move his fingers! But he’s constantly saying, “it wasn’t my fault.” Sure, but you got on the bike to begin with! It’s the nature of the beast.

So, I’m very glad to hear that parachuting is safer than motorcycling. I do know a person who broke their ankle landing improperly. But that’s better than losing a leg! or your life! Both of which are extremely common on a motorcycle.

I’ll hold my breath until he’s through.

Oh, by the way, his big idea is, for his 21st birthday and my husband’s 50th (within a month of eachother) he wants to take his Dad parachuting.

Yeah, like OLD bones don’t hurt as bad when they’re broken.


PS, Tarri - I’ve been adding to the rice bowl since I first saw the link in your siggy. I couldn’t remember where I had seen it. But I’m so happy to help contribute to this cause. I’ve added it to my siggy as well. TOGETHER, MAYBE WE CAN HELP END WORLD HUNGER!

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My husband has made 22 jumps.

The thought of my son doing it makes me want to fall over.

Oh lordy… the only thing that would keep from worrying is not to know in the first place! :hair:

I found out the date for his big event. It’s Dec 6th. I think I’ll go throw up now.


22 HOLY COW! How did you survive?

I have an older son who did a turn in the Army and he threw himself out of airplanes and helicopters all the time (101st airborne division, Ft Campbell, KY, Screaming Eagles) Made me so sick to think of it, we couldn’t even discuss it. I was terrified constantly for him. He survived. (I didn’t, but he did.)

Of course, now younger brother thinks he can do this for fun because big brother did it in the Army. Brother in law is ex-military, too, and is going with him. Thanks. Yeah.


I had friends go skydiving in Australia. They went tandem, which means there’s someone trained who they are strapped to… Josh said he was terrified that the guy would undo that strap, but the only thing that went wrong was when he landed, Josh hadn’t paid attention to how to do it right so he got tangled in the 'chute. Really, your son and husband will be fine.

On the other hand, I have a cousin who is Air Force and one thing he does is determines when it is safe (Altitude, speed, etc.) for people to jump out. He has some amazing pictures, so of course we asked him how often he actually jumps. He said the only way he’s jumping out is if that plain is going down. This is much more my philosophy…

It’s jump day. Momma’s holdin’ her breath!

About 5 o’clock this morning, I woke up to banging, doors slamming. I get out of bed, open my bedroom door to check down the hall. There’s a light on in my son’s bedroom. I walk down the hall to his room, and ask him if he’s okay. He says that it is and that he’s getting ready to go meet his brother-in-law. I say, “why?” Then it hits me. JUMP DAY. They’re getting ready to go jump. YIKES!

I say, “Have fun. Be careful. and call us when you’re done so we know you’re still alive.” And pretend to go back to bed. He takes off, so I stare at the ceiling, knowing I won’t be able to go back to sleep. Guess I just had to come out here (to the living room) and tell you about it.

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Don’t worry Monidew. He’ll be fine :hug:

He’s gonna be ok MoniDew!!

The first President Bush occasionally celebrates a birthday by skydiving. Of course he’s accompanied by a team of expert Army skydivers.:slight_smile:

He came home and told us AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll about it (so excited!) :teehee:
He was tethered to the plane, which pulled his chute for him. The lines were twisted, so he described how he kicked his feet to untwist himself, overcompensated, and had to kick back the other way (holy sheep!) :help:
He told us how he pulled to steer going one way, then another.
He told us about the instructor guiding him from below by microphone in his helmet.
He told us about coming in “hot” and bouncing(!) off the ground and then trying again and landing on his butt. :roflhard:
He had a great time, and he came back in one piece. :thumbsup:

Thanks for talking me down, everyone! :muah:

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Yay! I’m glad he came home safe and sound and all your worrying is over (for now :wink: )