My Own Worst Enemy

Did anyone see this new show on NBC? I’m a Christian Slater fan anyway and thought it was a cool show. So, it got me to thinking, if I had a split personality who would I want to be like?
For those of you who haven’t seen the show, its about a man Edward, who works for a CIA type department; he volunteered to have Henry, his other personality, installed into his brain.
My split personality would be called Sunny. She would have the type of personality who would get revenge on all the people who have done her wrong!:twisted: over the years.

Who would be your Own Worst Enemy? Let’s play.

Does the personality have to be evil?

Evil or not? I guess that’s up to your psyche. :cool:

I watched most of the first episode but the show isn’t for me. I do like him tho.

My split personality would be named Zelda. (my “almost name” when my mom was pregnant). She wouldn’t give a crap what her hair looks like, she’d use the F word as a noun, verb, adjective, gerund, adverb, conjunction, preposition, participle, pronoun AND interjection, and she’d never sugar-coat, take the high road, give benefit of doubt or just suck it up and take it.
She’d also probably be unemployed. :shrug: But she’d be free!!! :yay:

I like Zelda.


My alter-ego would be a Sydney Bristow type…confident, don’t mess with her…ready to right the world’s wrongs.

Plus, I love the fun disguises she wore. :teehee:

It’s my favorite new show!

My alter ego would be one of these kick-butt female investigators on a lot of TV shows now…

:roflhard: Zelda rocks! She says all the things I wish I could say!

I’ve been watching the show, too. Since my family already thinks I’m bipolar, I must already have a split personality. Guess I’ll just have to name them, now.

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I’m not much of a fan, but my husband likes the show. I don’t know what I’d name my alter ego, but I’d like to count on her to step up when I can’t. For example: I have very low self esteem, and I suffer from panac and depression. Well, she’d be there to hold a conversation, when I’m too shy. She’d also be there when I want to go somewhere, but I’m in panac mode, and won’t drive the car. She’d confidently hold her head up in public, when I just want to hide in the house…

Wow! I’m really screwed up, ain’t I? :aww:

That is too funny, my real name is Sunni and I think I would like the same personality but I would have to think of another name LOL