My own twist on the booga for ME!

My first booga that I get to keep. Two views. It is Noro Kureyeon #185 and I used #11’s to make it bigger across the bottom. I will put some kind of closer on it, but I haven’t decided what yet

Wow, very nice! You’ve been busy lately! :knitting:

:lol: I have only grown children, I don’t work outside the home so I have all this lovely time to knit! I currently have two sweaters OTN, one for my sil for his birthday in August and my grandson’s sweater for Christmas. I have both of them with just about one side finished on each and will be beginning the front side of sil’s sweater so I can get it finished first.

gorgeous colors! :inlove:

it looks like the perfect size for a knitting bag, and goodness knows you can NEVER have enough knitting bags! :rofl:

Lucky you…with all that time to knit! You’ve certainly earned it!

I just :heart: the color you used! It’s beautiful!

For those of you that like this color, I boobooed :shrug:. It is #182 not #185!

Wow i like that alot!