My own "Good thing he's cute" thread

I was posting in my thread and heard a rustling in the other room. I go out and this is what I find. Mind you there were still new in the plastic.

Several cultures consider dog for dinner to be perfectly acceptable.

Awww, I couldn’t do that :stuck_out_tongue: I still love him though he’s a giant PITA.


Wow, he really made a mess! He’s adorable, though. I love his, “who, me?” eyes.

You mean these eyes? :hmm:

Aww! Such an innocent face! “It was like that when I got here, honest!” :teehee:

:passedout: Oh my… what a mess a little dog can do! :teehee: What a cute pup you have!

awww how cute!!! :teehee:

You know what really happened? Well, aliens bent on destroying the universe got into your house.

Consider yourself lucky that while your sweet and corageous puppy was defending the free world as we know it, all that happened was a bit of tangled yarn.


Not buying it? Well, that was what my dog told me when it happened here!

Susan (who had surgery yesterday to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon and is maybe just a little too silly from the Percocet :eyes:)

:roflhard: I think that’s something he’d say!

My other dog just looked at him like “OOO, you’re going to get it!”

How cute. That reminds me of the day my grandsons decided to use my needles (that were in a WIP) to sword fight. We had a nice sit down about touching Grandma’s knitting. :roflhard:

That is too funny!!! What a mess to clean up though!

Oh my… Not much you can say in those situations and with those big eyes! :teehee: Hope you can salvage the yarn!


Oh my! :roflhard:

Oooooohhhhh Stop the Insanity!! His cuteness is slaying me!!

:chair: I mean what a bad puppy for playing with your yarn!

No, it’s still :chair:!

I think the cat did it. If you don’t own a cat then it must have been the neighbor’s cat because he certainly wouldn’t have done something like that. :teehee: