My own design-felted bag

I finally finished # 1 of 2 felted bags of my own design. I’ve been working on this desgin for a bit, knitting all different sizes, some felted, some not, mostly trying to work out the handles so they stay on and are still pretty. So far this is my best one,

It’s made with 2 1/2 skeins of Bernat Felting in Meadow. I also have another one you can see the start of on my blog, the same yarn in color Gardenia, a bit smaller only 1 1/2 skeins. Also on my blog you can see all of the different variations of the “oddball bag” that I have been playing with.
Thanks for looking:muah:

That’s such a nice bag, it looks fantastic. I love the color and style you created/designed. --Trisha :slight_smile:

What a sweet bag. Love the color, and the bows.

Are you going to be selling any of them? Felting is not something I can get the hang of.

:?? I’m not really sure on the selling thing. I might to a few coworkers or such, but I can’t see really making much of a profit off of them. the yarn is $5 a ball, so 15$ish plus the doodads and of course the knitting. I just like that I made the design myself.
The bows were an afterthought, I couldn’t get the sewing machine to stitch thru that much felted fabric, so I just threaded the ribbon thru a yarn needle and attached the handles that way.

Turned out pretty! I love that color!

I love your bag. It’s very cute.

It looks great!

So pretty!!

It turned out wonderful!! Love the neutral color too! Great design!

Great job, it looks fabulous.

So pretty, love the colors.

:happydance: Great job!

Fantastic job! Very chic!

Great bag…very pretty!

Cute! Great job!!!

Looks great.